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CRM Vendor Selection

If you are purchasing CRM software, the CRM vendor selection service is designed to help you find the most appropriate CRM technology for your needs; buy it on the right terms, and find a CRM implementation partner that won’t let you down.

We monitor the market to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the different CRM software options, and track the performance of companies performing CRM implementation services. As an experienced industry insider we know the ‘street-price’ for the different offerings, and can validate whether the quoted number of service days is fair for the work being undertaken.

Our CRM software vendor selection services include:

  • CRM Business and functional requirements gathering
  • Identification of suitable CRM software and implementation partners
  • Review of CRM vendor proposals
  • Assessment of CRM vendor presentations and demonstrations
  • Negotiation of CRM pricing and terms
  • Due diligence activities