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About Mareeba CRM Consulting

Mareeba was set up by principal consultant, Richard Boardman, in 2004.

Already something of a CRM veteran even then, having at that point served 10 years in a range of senior management roles in the industry, Richard saw first hand that a lot of businesses were struggling to harness the power of CRM technology.
While the software vendors were increasingly successful in selling their wares, they were considerably less successful in helping their customers benefit from it.

Many were struggling with challenges such a working out how CRM could best benefit them (particularly if they weren’t a traditional commercial operation), finding the best technologies and implementers, managing often complex projects, and, perhaps most importantly, getting people to use it.

With lots at stake if things go wrong, and with much to be gained when things went right, Richard felt there was a need for informed, accessible, and most of all unbiased advice, at key stages in the vendor selection and implementation process.
And so, Mareeba was formed, with a mission to provide the knowledge that organisations needed to bridge the gap between the raw technology and a positive return on investment.

With most in the CRM industry happy to sell software, we chose to focus on the nitty gritty activities that made the difference between a CRM project being a success and a failure.

Our business focused around five core services areas, none of which are particularly glamorous, but all of which are essential to ensuring CRM technology generates high returns: initial planning and feasibility, requirements definition, vendor selection, project management, and for those with existing under-performing systems, a CRM review service.

Fourteen years on, and a few hundred CRM projects later, we’re just as keen to help as we when we first started in 2004. If you feel you might need independent advice we’re always delighted to have a chat – just email us or call on 01494 927418.