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System Review

If you are running a CRM system that’s not performing to its potential, the implementation review service is designed to give you an independent perspective on whether to keep your existing software or move on to pastures new. If the conclusion is to keep it, we can outline the most appropriate strategy to turn things around, and if it’s to move on, we can advise how best to migrate to a new system.

This service is designed as a short, low cost – high value engagement. The outputs are derived from interviews with key staff and reviews of relevent existing systems, and are generally delivered in the form of a written report which is presented back to the project team.

  • The costed options moving forward
  • Alternative technologies and vendors
  • A road-map for improving the existing system
  • Data migration considerations
  • Time-lines
  • Key risks
  • Recommendations and next steps

The service is designed to help break through the inertia many organisations experience when making these difficult decisions, and provides a quick and effective way to get you back up and running with a value enhancing CRM system.