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CRM Audit

CRM Audit

Mareeba’s CRM Audit service is designed to help organisations get more value from their existing CRM systems.

Many businesses have spent a lot of money on CRM technology and related implementation services, but are unclear if the systems are generating a real return on investment, or how to best address the situation if not. The CRM Audit is designed to answer these questions.

Our approach is to review your system set-up, analyse the data, and interview key users in order to diagnose:

  • What business processes the system has been set up to support
  • How well it’s been set up to support them
  • How well it’s being used
  • What other ways the system could be used to add operational value
  • What processes are in place to facilitate ongoing continuous improvement

The output of the engagement is a report that sets out the answers of the above, together with a prioritised action plan designed to help you quickly and cost-effectively realise more benefit from your existing technology platforms.

As independent CRM consultants, we’ve no interest in trying to sell you more software or CRM implementation services that you don’t really need (as your technology provider might want to do).

Our focus is on the practicalities of generating sustained operational benefits from CRM and related technologies.

We work with a wide variety of CRM platforms including Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com, and will provide you with an experienced, objective perspective on how to turn things around fast.

To find out more about our CRM Audit services, email us at enquiries@mareeba.co.uk, or call on 01494 927418.