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CRM Coaching and Mentoring

CRM Coaching and Mentoring

Managing a CRM project can be a bit of a poison chalice.

Expectations are often very high, but there are a lot of potential pitfalls available to fall into, particularly if you haven’t managed a CRM project before.

Mareeba’s Coaching and Mentoring service is designed to give CRM sponsors and project managers the support and assurance they need to deliver a successful project, without the cost of a full-time consulting engagement.

The service consists of scheduled monthly calls where we help you with the information you need at each stage in the project, give guidance on best practice, and help you find solutions to the issues and challenges you encounter during the project.

We’re available to answer questions and queries at any stage as they crop up. We also provide you with access to the same documents and templates that we use when we’re managing a project.

With pricing from at £500 per month for the standard service, the aim is to provide you with an efficient, cost-effective route, to delivering a high pay-back outcome, on time, and on budget.

To discuss CRM Coaching and Mentoring services in more detail, please email us or call on 01494 256 330.