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CRM Project Management

CRM Project Management

Mareeba provides a full suite of CRM project management services spanning the life of the project.

Our project managers can undertake a wide range to activities, including:

  • Organisational readiness assessment
  • CRM requirements definition and documentation
  • Procurement management
  • System design
  • Implementer management
  • System testing
  • Security testing
  • Training
  • Go live management
  • User adoption
  • Ongoing project reporting
  • Project handover

The project management team have at least 10 years’ CRM experience, and have worked with a wide range of CRM technologies and clients, including commercial, government, and not for profits.

We operate a flexible, ‘on-demand’ approach, where we agree with you how much time you need each month, which means you don’t have the expense of contracting someone full-time if it’s not needed.

This combination of flexibility and proven experience allows us to reduce project costs while ensuring the delivery of a successful project even against the most exacting timelines and budgets.

To find out more about our CRM Project Management services, email us at enquiries@mareeba.co.uk, or call on 01494 927418.