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CRM Requirements Specification

Effective CRM requirements gathering is the foundation of a successful CRM project, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to do, especially if you’ve had limited previous exposure to CRM technology.

Mareeba have developed an approach called ‘front-loaded’ CRM requirements specification. The approach rapidly details the business goals for the project as well as creating a blue-print of the system required to achieve them.

Where our methodology differs from traditional approaches is that the detailed design is completed before, rather than after vendor selection. This enables you to evaluate technologies in light of a fuller understanding of your needs, and provides a firm basis for vendors to provide accurate, rather than estimated, pricing proposals.

This in turn encourages greater competition between suppliers and gives you a better basis to assess each offering. It also avoids the problem that many CRM purchasers face where costs are not fully known until a commitment is made to a specific vendor.

This methodology provides a number of business benefits:

  • It can significantly reduce purchase costs
  • Its focus on operational benefits and supporting processes maximises return on investment
  • It reduces the risk of selecting an inappropriate technology
  • It dramatically speeds up implementation times
  • It reduces the risk of slippage and cost overruns