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CRM User Adoption

CRM User Adoption

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on CRM technology, or how good your system, if you can’t get people to use it you won’t realise its rich potential.

But achieving high levels of user adoption isn’t easy. It’s problem that’s haunted the industry since CRM first became a ‘thing’. No matter how supposedly easy to use the software, or detailed the training programme, consistent adoption has often remained elusive.

Based on twenty odd years’ experience implementing hundreds of CRM systems, we’ve developed a comprehensive CRM change management programme, designed to get users adopting CRM systems quickly and maintaining usage over time, so that you can maximise the returns from your investment in CRM technology.

Our user adoption services include:

  • Change impact and organisational readiness assessment
  • Change strategy and planning
  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Training strategy and planning
  • Training collateral development and delivery, including training courses, train the trainer, and video-based training
  • Establishing and developing the super-user ecosystem
  • Adoption measurement and insight development
  • Change monitoring and reporting

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