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CRM Project Planning and Feasibility

CRM Planning and Feasibility

If you are considering an investment in CRM technology, the CRM Project Planning and Feasibility service is designed to quickly give you the information you need to make an informed, balanced judgement on whether to undertake the project, and what’s required to make it a success.

This CRM Planning and Feasibility service is designed as a short, low cost – high value engagement. The outputs are derived from interviews with key staff and reviews of relevant existing systems, and are generally delivered in the form of a written report which is presented back to the project team. The areas covered include:

  • The business case for the investment
  • High level requirements
  • Suggested project phasing and prioritisation
  • Initial and ongoing costs
  • Internal resource requirements
  • CRM software options and recommended implementers
  • Implementation best practices
  • Organisational change considerations
  • Data security
  • Organisational project structure
  • Time-lines
  • Key risks

The CRM planning and feasibility service helps organisations reduce the time and cost involved in researching the market, and provides a key foundation for a successful high value, low-risk project. The service also identifies strategies and practices that allow organisations to substantially reduce project costs.

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