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CRM Discovery

CRM Discovery

One of the main reasons we’re different from others in the industry is our tight focus on helping our clients realise operational value from their investment in CRM technology.

The foundation for this is our ‘CRM Discovery’ engagement, where the objective is to tightly define the opportunities for CRM to generate value, as well as the shape of the solution, the phasing, the costs, and best-fit technologies.

In essence everything you need to deliver a high-return CRM project.

We combine our knowledge of the art of the possible, industry trends, best practices, and lessons learned, with our business analysis skills, to work with you to develop and document a solution specification which covers:

  • Business opportunity assessment
  • Target end state solution
  • Solution road-map and prioritisation
  • Business case
  • High level business and functional requirements to support software selection
  • Data migration and integration requirements
  • High-level system data model
  • Decommissioning plan
  • Gap-fit analysis of requirements to CRM technologies
  • CRM technology platform short-list
  • Estimated project costs
  • Lead indicators and measures of success for delivery of the business case

With the system requirements tightly defined, the solution specification can be used to solicit firm pricing from potential system integrators, or you can work with our implementation team to deliver the solution.

This business-benefit focussed approach provides a number of benefits:

  • It helps maximise the operational value of the investment in technology
  • It allows you to prioritise the areas of greatest opportunity and impact
  • It reduces the risks of selecting a CRM platform that’s inappropriate to your needs
  • It speeds up the deployment of the system
  • It helps reduce costs by allowing potential implementers to provide firm pricing against a detailed specification

To find out more about our CRM Discovery services, email enquiries@mareeba.co.uk, or call on 01494 256 330.