independent CRM consultancy

About Mareeba CRM Consulting

What we do

Our mission is to offer independent, professional advice on selecting, purchasing, configuring and using CRM software.

We offer six core services:

CRM planning
Helping you decide how to go ahead with CRM, and what’s needed for success. Read more…
Specifying CRM requirements
Identifying your business goals and creating a blueprint to achieve them. Read more…
Choosing a CRM vendor
Finding the right partners, with the right technology – at the right price. Read more…
Managing CRM projects
Helping you manage the implementation of your CRM solution. Read more…
Evaluating CRM
Assessing your existing CRM system and the options for replacing or updating it. Read more…
CRM health check – get more from your existing CRM system. Read more…

Why choose Mareeba?

The stakes are high when you choose a CRM solution. There is a lot to gain if everything goes right, and a lot to lose if things go wrong.

Problems arise when a gap opens up between what you need and what vendors are selling. Our services bridge that gap by offering informed, unbiased advice when you need it most. The right input at the right time makes all the difference.

We can help you…

  • Save money by getting your requirements specification right before you talk to vendors, so they bid against a tight brief and you don’t commit before costs are known. We can also negotiate and check costs on your behalf
  • Reduce risk by helping you choose the right technology and partner, overseeing implementation and encouraging people to adopt the solution
  • Increase value by finding new ways for CRM to help your business, taking a broad strategic view and not just focusing on technology.

Our story

Mareeba was founded in 2004 and is based in Amersham, just outside London.

Richard Boardman, our Director, had worked with CRM for many years. Having seen how organisations struggle to get the best from their solutions, he formed Mareeba to give them the help they needed.

The Mareeba service soon proved valuable and popular. Today, we work with leading brands including Konica Minolta, G4S, Corus and the British Medical Association, plus many smaller firms and organisations.

Based in Amersham, just outside of London, we’re always happy to help; email us or call on 01494 58206201494 582062.