Out of idle curiosity I’ve just been checking Google Analytics and worked out a top ten ‘The CRM Consultant’ blog posts based on number of views in 2011. It should be noted that not all were actually written in 2011 (one was written back in 2009), and that this list may well reflect more on how the post has been indexed by the search engines, and, if that’s not already too many ands, those written earlier in the year will fare better than those written later etc, but nonetheless here goes. In reverse order:

10. How to manage the CRM selection process

9. Nine things the CEO should know about implementing CRM software

8. Six common CRM requirements gathering faux pas

7. The six most common CRM feasibility and planning snafu’s

6. CRM 101 – the benefits of lead management

5. 18 ways to speed up a CRM project – part 2

4. 6 tips to surviving CRM design hell

3. The hidden costs of CRM software and why you need to understand them

2. How worried should Salesforce.com be about Microsoft’s cloud based CRM offering?

1. The 15 key new features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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