How to gather and document a CRM requirements specification

This free ebook gives you the tools you need to gather and document a CRM specification that helps you choose the right CRM software and gives you control of your CRM project.

99 Ways to get more from your CRM software

For those that already have CRM systems in place, ninety-nine ways to get more from your CRM software is designed to help people find new ways to get more out of their existing investment in CRM technology.

Buying and implementing CRM software

While CRM software can transform an organisation’s performance, it’s not as easy to do as many would have you believe. This e-book walks you step by step through the process of buying and implementing CRM software, and explains how to do it quickly, effectively, at less cost and with less risk.

Why work with an independent CRM consultant

This white paper explains the role of the independent CRM consultant and how they add value in a range of areas from initial feasibility and planning, through requirements definition, vendor selection, and project management.

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