Had I been a venture capitalist a few years back, and, had I entertained a pitch from the folks looking to develop Twitter, then here’s what I would have said (choking back tears of laughter): ‘OK, so let me get this straight, you want to develop this site right, and it’s like a blog right, but your big thing, your really, really killer differentiator, is that your going to limit the blogger to – what was it again? Oh yeah 140 characters!?!?!……’

I didn’t get Twitter. Like I didn’t get why someone might not be satisfied with their standard mobile ringtone – still don’t for that matter. In the end, and solely because a friend twisted my arm with sufficient violence, I signed up for Twitter and started to ‘Tweet’.

A couple of months on I probably still don’t fully get it, but I’m finding it oddly addictive. I’m not sure from a marketing or promotional standpoint whether it can or can’t add value (and that’s not really why I do it anyway), but as a means of accessing a torrent of information from the people you choose to follow (mine include Lance Armstrong and Guy Kawasaki), it’s unrivalled.

My own Tweets are an eclectic mix – the last 48 hours or so have included Coventry City FC, the M25, Port of Spain, and a bit of CRM, and are probably best branded work in progress. Should you already be tweeting and want to follow, you can find me here.

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