independent CRM consultancy

Why work with us

There are a number of aspects of selecting and implementing CRM technology that are increasingly persuading organisations to work with independent CRM consultancies like ourselves:

  1. Organisations often struggle to understand how CRM technology can best be applied to their businesses. This can be particularly challenging for organisations that don’t fit traditional sales and marketing models, for example, government and other non-profit organisations
  2. Vendors and implementation partners tend to be good with the technology but often struggle to guide their clients as to how to apply their technology in a way that maximises its potential
  3. There are a huge range of different CRM offerings available at a variety of price-points, and cutting through the marketing hype to identify the right technology for your specific needs can be a challenge
  4. A lot of CRM projects require the services of an implementation partner, but the quality of implementation partners varies enormously
  5. Vendors and their partners, perhaps driven by the need to make a sale, are often more preoccupied about what works well for them as opposed to what works well for their clients
  6. CRM implementation projects are more complex and time-consuming than people realise, and there are a lot of potential pitfalls that can stretch budgets and cause delays
  7. Getting staff to use a CRM system is critical to realise its value, but vendors have struggled to get to grips with the challenge of user adoption

These factors have meant that organisations working with the CRM vendor or implementation partner alone, have struggled to deliver drama-free, value enhancing CRM systems.

But, in the same way that architects emerged as a critical third party in the construction industry, independent CRM consultants are using their experience and insider knowledge to help businesses realise the potential of CRM technology, reduce costs, and increase the predictability of delivery.

For organisations that are looking for CRM technology to make a real difference, working with an experienced independent third party has increasingly become a key component of success.